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Placentia, CA – November 15, 2017

Last week, at the annual meeting of the Organization for Economic Common Development (OECD) Expert Group on Skin and Eye Irritation Test Methods in Paris, InVitro International and its long-time Italian in vitro testing partner, INT.E.G.RA, received final OECD Expert Group on Skin and Eye Irritation Test Methods acceptance of Ocular Irritection®.  The OECD is generally viewed as the world’s foremost regulatory authority on in vitro test methods.
The company plans to move forward immediately to compose a Test Guideline (TG) document for submission to the OECD. The TG will make our test method both clear and available to all laboratories that wish to use the Ocular Irritection® test.  Completion of a TG can take several months to more than one year.
InVitro CEO & President, W. Richard Ulmer, said: “This nearly global level of regulatory support for a non-mammalian (plant protein) test technology not only means much to InVitro, but also could possibly encourage more innovative in vitro test methods to be developed as well. We continue to be very enthusiastic about the future for non-animal testing on a global basis. Ocular Irritection® is the only such method with OECD acceptance which can be shipped anywhere in the world with significant remaining shelf life for its laboratory users.”
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