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We are InVitro International

InVitro International is a pioneer in the development and application of proprietary non-animal testing alternatives for the determination of eye irritation, skin irritation and skin toxicity. The Company develops and markets in vitro assay kits and systems to detect, rank, and predict the potential level of irritancy, toxicity or corrosivity of substances to human eye and/or skin tissue. An “in vitro” assay measures a substance of clinical interest without the use of live animals or animal tissue. The results may be either qualitative, as in “yes/no”, or quantitative, as in measuring the impact of a particular substance in a tested sample.

Our Irritection® assays are utilized by socially conscious, forward thinking manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products as well as chemical manufacturers,to insure their products meet stringent product safety requirements. Corrositex®, our non-animal skin toxicity test, is used by a very broad range of organizations around the world to insure the materials, formulations and products they transport are properly packaged to meet human and environmental safety requirements.



The Company was founded in 1985, to develop and market reliable and cost-effective In vitro laboratory tests for evaluating substances that are potentially toxic or irritating to humans and the environment. The company pioneered the development of these faster, simpler non-animal testing methodologies to partially or fully replace the practice of using animals as test subjects for these same purposes. Beside the humane aspects of reducing the use of animals for irritation and toxicity testing purposes, using alternative testing methods presents a compelling business and financial benefit to organizations using in vitro methods. They impact positively both product development time and cost.

In 1992, the US Department of Transportation approved InVitro International’s Corrositex® test for determining GHS/UN Packing Group classifications required for the storage and transport of corrosive substances. Today InVitro International is the longest continually operating in vitro testing Technology Company in the world and Corrositex® is the leading globally accepted full replacement non animal test method for skin corrosivity. It is used to insure environmental and human safety by manufacturers of potentially hazardous chemical formulations around the globe.




Advance in-vitro science through the development and marketing of faster, simpler and cost effective safety testing technologies.



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Whether you are in business or in academia, operating in the most cost effective manner possible means something to you. InVitro International can help you be on time and at or under planned spending levels when faced with toxicity testing. Contact us or one of our authorized representatives to answer any additional questions you may have. We have agents, and representatives around the world.