Corrositex®: 3 Reasons to Use this Cruelty-Free Corrosivity Testing Method

Corrositex® is a revolutionary dermal corrosion testing assay that replaces the rabbit test that was previously the primary means of determining this. By using Corrositex®, a company is able to determine the dermal corrosivity of its products and allows the assignment of GHS categories, 1A, 1B and 1C, and U.N. Packing group classification for corrosives that are Class 8 hazards. A wide swath of regulatory agencies accept the results of Corrositex® which was developed by In Vitro International. Since it was first granted regulatory approval in 1992, Corrositex® has been accepted by United States agencies such as the FDA, EPA, OSHA, DOT and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. In addition, agencies from across the globe accept the results of Corrositex® including the IATA, EU/OECD, Transport Canada and the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM).

Other Advantages of Using Corrositex®

Not only is the innovative and cruelty-free corrosivity testing method, Corrositex®, accepted by top regulatory agencies across the globe, there are other key reasons for choosing this method instead of rabbit testing.

1. Rapid Results

Getting a product to market is a path that is rife with processes that require significant investments of time including those related to regulations, product development and marketing, to name just a few. Testing for corrosivity using rabbits is a time investment of at least two to four weeks. In contrast, using Corrositex® can provide results in as few as three minutes. A determination when using Corrositex® takes no more than four hours to complete — a significant time savings that can improve a company’s profit margin.

2. Convenient

Using Corrositex® gives companies greater control over their products. There are two ways that Corrositex®  can be used: a sample of the product can be sent to the In Vitro International labs where their highly-trained team tests it fully or the company can obtain Corrositex®  test kits and perform the tests at their own facility.

3. Easy to Use

Corrositex® makes it quick and easy to get the results needed to secure the appropriate regulatory approval. This three-step process begins with a compatibility test between the testing solution and the sample. Next, the test determines the applicable indicator solution to aid in the categorization of the product. Lastly, the sample is exposed to the solution which results in a color change. The time that this change requires is recorded.
In Vitro International is a pioneer in non-invasive and cruelty-free testing that gets products to market quickly. Contact them for more information about Corrositex®, lab services and their other products.