Ocular Testing with the Ocular Irritection® Assay System

The Invitro Irritection® Assay System measures a person’s eye sensitivity and irritation to chemicals or substances they may have been exposed to. Unlike most other types of testing, this system is in vitro, meaning it is done without animal testing. The results of this standardized test can be set up as a yes/no or pass/fail objective or as a quantitative measure. It works by using changes of relevant macromolecules to predict the ocular irritancy.
The test is made up of two components: “a membrane disc that permits controlled delivery of the test material to a reagent solution and a proprietary reagent solution that is composed of proteins, glycoproteins, lipids and low molecular weight components that self-associate to form a complex macromolecular matrix”. The controlled mixing of these two components during the test incubation period promotes “protein denaturation and disaggregation of the macromolecular matrix”, something that can be measured and quantified.
Benefits of using the Invitro Irritection® Assay System
1. The Invitro Irritection® Assay System provides a good, safe alternative to animal tests for ocular irritancy.
2. This system costs less than in vivo testing.
3. Results from the Irritection® system can be obtained in as little as one day. This compares to an average of seven days for in vivotesting.
4. Irritection® assays are quantitative and highly reproducible, making it easy to compare like samples.
5. Our Irritection® assays support a socially-conscious, no animal testing platform, one that you can use in your patient, laboratory or company marketing.
6. The Irritection® Assay System is a GHS (Global Harmonized System) accepted method of testing for ocular irritancy, approved by agencies such as OSHA and the UN Economic Commission.
7. Our Irritection® test kits are easy to use and can be shipped to countries all over the globe.
About Invitro International
Invitro International, founded in 1985, is a pioneer in the development and application of non-animal testing alternatives for irritation and skin toxicity testing. Based in Placentia, California, our company is customer and technology-driven, and develops and markets in vitro assay kits and systems to detect, rank, and predict the potential level of irritancy, toxicity or corrosivity of substances to human eye and/or skin tissue.
Other Invitro International products include Corrositex, an in vitro test that measures the corrosivity of chemicals and other substances. The company also provides customized lab services for scientists and researchers in a number of diverse industries. Both the Irritection® System and Corrositex were in development for 25 years before becoming commercially available, so you can be assured that adequate safety and effectiveness testing has been done on both products.
Invitro International wants to help your organization help people responsibly. To learn more about the Ocular Irritection® Assay System and how it can benefit your practice, clinic or lab, visit invitrointl.com or contact us at 800-246-8487.